What’s iPresenter?

iPresenter is a simple and powerful jQuery plugin that makes it easy to design advanced CSS3 presentations, galleries and sliders.

jQuery capabilities.
Highly Flexible and Customizable.
Highly User Interface Design.
Multiple instances allowed in a single HTML page.
Custom per slide easing.
Multilanguage support.
Works on iOS & Android devices.
Auto slideshow with optional pause on hover.
Easily resizable.
Compatible with external fonts (like Google fonts).
Animated preloader bar.
Keyboard support.
Touch support.
Customizable through css.
Extremely simple configuration.
Unlimited transition effects.
Customizable transition configuration.
Customizable transition timing function. (easing)
Cubic-bezier function also acceptable.
Custom per slide timeout.
Tooltip thumbnail previewer.
Thumbnails or bullets for navigation.
Extended HTML documentation.
Works in all modern browsers (Browsers that support CSS3 ).

Version 2.0
2012-05-24 Hemn Chawroka
* Added touch navigation.
* Added 3 beautiful timer.
* Added pause/resume method.
* Fixed some bugs.
* Fixed timer call action.
* Added control navigation.
* Added thumbnail navigation.
* Added tooltip image previewer.

Version 1.1
2012-4-19 Hemn Chawroka
* Added browser compatibility check.
* Added easing option.
* Added randomStart option.
* Added startStep option.
* Added onBeforeChange callback option.
* Added onAfterChange callback option.
* Added onLastStep callback option.
* Added onAfterLoad callback option.
* Added onPause callback option.
* Added onPlay callback option.
* Added easing timing methods.
* Fixed images preloader.
* Added data-easing attribute.

Demo 2 · Demo 1

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