Imagevue X2.8.1 is basically what should have been in X2.8, but didn’t make it. The main attraction of this release is the new folder-view option for mobile, which allows you to list full size images instead of thumbnails. Also of interest, is the option to open Youtube or Vimeo video on your start page with the lightbox feature.

  • Mobile folder view mode -> Thumbnails / Images / Images with Info
  • Use Lightbox on start page (video etc.) by setting a link as start page
  • Use lightbox from thumbnails and images with the link feature
  • Theme multiple CSS Editor
  • Custom touch icon iv-config/apple-touch-icon.png
  • Improved layout for different size thumbnails in Mobile
  • Theme index facelift
  • Updated Russian, Polish translations
  • Fixed Mobile title, which was cut too short
  • Fixed Restricted home folder admin user
  • Fixed innerWidth lightbox issue in functions.js
  • Fixed disappearing imagebuttons
  • Fixed imagesbutton values on persisting hover after new image appears
  • Fixed thumbnailsarea for textpages

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